Bollywood Songs

Learn for talent competition, special event or just for fun!

Singing the notes/swaras – Sa, Re, Ga, Ma…………, Aaroh, Avroh……., Alankar/Palta……with various Taals….
Some exercises for voice and tonal quality and range improvement, and some exercises for identification of notes/swaras.
Thereafter some popular basic Raagas, (widely used by Bollywood music directors/composers), their respective compositions, and relevant film songs, bhajans, geet, ghazals, garba, etc. on electronic rhythms. Some training for facing audition for singing competitions.

Bollywood singing:

The Bollywood movie songs are of a very wide variety of compositions and lyrics including Hindi movies classical vocal based songs, Light classical or semi classical based song compositions, Duet songs, group songs, solo  songs, gazals, folk songs,  devotional songs – Hindi bhazans, sufi songs, patriotic theme based songs, romantic songs etc. For singing such a wide variety of songs, a very good basic knowledge and practice of Indian Hindustani classical vocal music and light classical music is required.


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