Tabla Lessons

Starting with playing various bols of Tabla, thereafter playing some practice exercises with timings……followed by various Taalas and finally accompaniment practice with film songs, bhajans, ghazals, garba, etc.

Learning About the Tabla:

Understand the different parts of the tabla. The tabla consists of two separate wooden drums, one smaller and one larger. The smaller drum, positioned on the right, is called the dayan (or tabla) and the larger drum, positioned on the left, is called the bayan.  Each drum makes a different tone but together they make the distinctive sound we associate with the tabla, a sound that is central to classical Indian music.

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Learning About the Tabla:

Learn how to sit while playing tabla. Before starting to play, you need to learn how to position your body correctly, as posture and body position are very important to playing the tabla.

Sit cross legged on the ground. This will position your body on the same level as your tabla.

Place the drums in front of you, close enough to almost touch your legs, with the space between the drums right at the center of your body. The larger drum, on your left, should sit flat, with the top of the drum facing straight up. The face of the smaller drum, on your right, should be facing away from you, at approximately 35 degrees

The position of your waist should straight. Keep your posture upright.
You should put one hand on each drum. Make sure that each of your hands can comfortably reach the drums in front of them. The placement of both hands should not be stiff. It should be in comfortable position, so that playing tabla is easy.


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