Semi Classical Vocal Classes

Indian  Classical Vocal Music is learned normally with lessons in front of a teacher with Tanpura a drone. Now with busy life we need convenience of our own time and pace. Our Indian Classical Vocal Music online lessons will help you to achieve your goal. You take help of harmonium or keyboard to give right swara or note. Click the Raag link above to view all the lessons of that Raag. Though each lesson is small, after enough practice you will need to sing continuously as one Raag.

Method of teaching is written instructions, notations, photos and a short video clip which you view and listen. In the short video clip you will be able to see clearly how you can sing properly while Harmonium or Keyboard is played. It is very useful to have harmonium or keyboard as it gives right sound of the notes which you can match with your voice and learn to play as well. Make sure Harmonium you have is perfectly tuned (check with an electronic tuner). All keyboards are generally OK.